Know Thyself

Extrapolations from “New Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton. All quotes in this article belong to his above mentioned book. Thomas Merton was a great Christian thinking of the early to mid 1900’s. He was a Cistercian monk who spent much of his time writing and pushing for peace between Eastern and Western religions (though … Continue reading Know Thyself


As I’ve been spending time here, working on a few projects, and trying to think of better ways to build things in our context I’ve come across a new realization. Simply building better buildings for ministries in Uganda isn’t enough. Giving an orphanage a properly designed home, free from the hassles of dealing with a … Continue reading Discipleship


Recently I’ve been wrestling with this dilemma. If God is just and all powerful, why is the world unjust? If injustice can be wiped away by God when he creates the new heaven and the new earth, what is he waiting for? One of the ways I validate and build my faith is through seeing … Continue reading Justice


We are in the midst of a long transition. We have been for a while, since May, really. We have been planning and looking ahead while also soaking up the last times we do things. Today is a big milestone, my last day working at Pinnacle. My transition has been most obvious in my time … Continue reading Transitions


Last month, Tom and I spent a week in Colorado Springs at EMI’s Orientation for new staff and interns. We flew in early one Sunday morning, enjoyed our reading and coffee (the things you can do when you don’t fly with a lap child!), and nervously/ambiguously shared with a woman sitting next to us that … Continue reading Orientation